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Ayla Scanlan EP
  1. I Wish I Was // Ayla Scanlan EP
Boy in the Moon
  1. Little Wooden Boat // Boy in the Moon
  2. Daydreamer // Boy in the Moon
  3. Tune of Love // Boy in the Moon
  4. Barefoot Wanderer // Boy in the Moon

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01 Jun
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08 February 2014

Cheap Fakes New Album

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Cheap Fakes are a six piece band performing an eclectic fusion of funk, pop, ska, reggae and dance music, predominantly steeped in off beat guitars...
07 February 2014


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Tyrone Noonan, Anthony Garcia and William Barton are Soniclines: An international trio seeded from some of Brisbane’s most creative! A chance meeting at the infamous...

Heliport Studios: A Brisbane recording studio like no other

When it comes to recording studios in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast – or even across Australia – none can match what Heliport music studio has to offer the artists of today.

Although Heliport is just an hour’s drive from Brisbane, its location on a mountain in Buderim and picturesque tropical rainforest surroundings make it feel blissfully remote – you’ll feel transported to another world. This, together with its views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean, means it’s fair to say that Heliport has the best and most unique location of all recording studios in Australia.

With its state-of-the-art technology, innovative layout, and unique energy, Heliport is designed to ensure you get the most out of your instrument, and can even provide sessions musicians if required.

These factors mean that Heliport Studios has brought a world-class standard to the experience of recording on Australian shores. Local artists now have access to the very best in technology, equipment and professional assistance that a leading recording studio can offer, right here in Australia’s own Brisbane.

Heliport’s commitment to giving musicians across Australia access to the best music studio – in Brisbane with a range of packages available to suit different budgets.

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Awake to Find // Latest Tracks
  1. Awake to Find // Latest Tracks
  2. Yesterday // Latest Tracks
  3. Daydreamer // Boy in the Moon
  4. Tune of Love // Boy in the Moon