Studio News

When it comes to recording studios in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast – or even across Australia – none can match what the Heliport record studio... Read More
June 2014
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Cheap Fakes Doco

The Cheap Fakes lads have just released a video on the making of their new album and a documentary of their time recording at Heliport... Read More
June 2014
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Heliport’s gear

Heliport’s Layout is designed so the whole band can record together to capture the maximum energy and vibe. All the rooms have been specifically designed... Read More
February 2014
Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  1. Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  2. When the Gold is Gone // Chris Flaskas (JR Remix) - Latest Tracks
  3. Andrew Redford- Set Sail // Latest Tracks
  4. I Wish I Was- Ayla Scanlan // Latest Tracks
  5. Wish I Was // Ayla Scanlan - Ayla Scanlan EP