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Cheap Fakes Doco

The Cheap Fakes lads have just released a video on the making of their new album and a documentary of their time recording at Heliport... Read More
June 2014
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Wish I Was

Congratulations To Ayla Scanlan our latest artist to get Triple J play and is apparently tracking well on the ARIA Charts as well. Her New... Read More
May 2014
Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  1. Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  2. When the Gold is Gone // Chris Flaskas (JR Remix) - Latest Tracks
  3. Andrew Redford- Set Sail // Latest Tracks
  4. I Wish I Was- Ayla Scanlan // Latest Tracks
  5. Wish I Was // Ayla Scanlan - Ayla Scanlan EP