Making Modern Vintage

12 August 2015

Making Modern Vintage …Cheap Fakes Album

This micro documentary gives the audience an insight into the making of ‘Modern Vintage’, the new album from CHEAP FAKES.

With renowned producer – John Merchant (Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand and many more) on board, the band wanted to give people a look at the recording process, in what has been Cheap Fakes biggest undertaking to date.

Director & Editor – Brad Addison
Cinematographer, Audio & Grade – Mark Burkett


Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  1. Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  2. When the Gold is Gone // Chris Flaskas (JR Remix) - Latest Tracks
  3. Andrew Redford- Set Sail // Latest Tracks
  4. I Wish I Was- Ayla Scanlan // Latest Tracks
  5. Wish I Was // Ayla Scanlan - Ayla Scanlan EP