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27 October 2017

New Flaskas EP

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Formerly known as the Chris Flaskas Trio, the band Flaskas are currently at Heliport Laying down their

Third EP with the Studio. The band and James Russell their producer have gone all out this time, not only live tracking the beds for the EP, but tracking them to two Inch Tape on Heliport’s Studier A827 we imported from Nth America in 2010. This new project will be a further development of the trademark Flaskas sound, funky Blues and Roots infused grooves now influenced by the incorporation of drummer Duncan and Bass player Jasper’s tight and melodic style.


The Ep is due for release early 2018 so stay tuned for updates…


Also check out the new Flaskas logo just launched developed by Heliport’s design team..


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