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Welcome to the best production studio Brisbane and all of Queensland have to offer. We invite you to browse our studio and view the pictures on our site to get an idea of what we have to offer. Our recording rooms allow the entire band to record together, that way you can truly capture the atmosphere and feel of your unique sound.

At Heliport Studios we can help you create an album from beginning to end, from your first recording session, through to mixing and audio mastering. Brisbane and Queensland artist have already made us their record studio of choice, book a session with us today and find out why.

Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  1. Mantra – Hot Body // Latest Tracks
  2. When the Gold is Gone // Chris Flaskas (JR Remix) - Latest Tracks
  3. Andrew Redford- Set Sail // Latest Tracks
  4. I Wish I Was- Ayla Scanlan // Latest Tracks
  5. Wish I Was // Ayla Scanlan - Ayla Scanlan EP